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2014 Issue 2

In this edition of TOPdesk Magazine, you can read about the University of St Andrews' secret to success, how ROC Mondriaan supports 27 schools using TOPdesk, how you can go from 'no' to 'yes', how you can optimally measure customer satisfaction and much more.

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2014 Issue 1

This edition of the TOPdesk Magazine features two customer cases. One article focuses on TOPdesk and UMRA, the other explains how TOPdesk is used at the international retail chain JYSK. You can also learn more about TOPdesk 5.3, and how to effectively use social media in your department.

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2013 Issue 4

Together we stand strong, Making change happen, Column: always on holiday, TOPdesk on European Tour, Products and services catalogue, From huge logfile to convenient report, Are you using the caller card?, Working towards shared services.

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